**Seller Payout Period: bilionapp decides the payout period of the sellers as per their
performance & grade wise.
Silvar grade:         to sellers pay first & pickup material & schedule a shipment
Gold grade:           to sellers pay first & pickup material & schedule a shipment
Diamond grade:  to sellers pay first & pickup material & schedule a shipment


Reverse shipping:  (applicable for all tier Gold, Silvar & Diamond)
Reverse shipping charged for reverse collection and shipment. when customers return
a product is chargable. its is varis based location. same for all tier of supplier.

Customer Refund & Return Charges(applicable for all Gold, Seller & Diamond)
Refund to customer is processed as per policy as below.
1. not charged(RTO): unsucessful deliery & order canceled before delivery success
2. Bilionapp Assured: services charges paid by buyers, will be retained bilionapp. For
BA assued listings
3. Bilionapp not/date Assured. passed on to you suppliers



Fee’s Rate Forward ship Reverse ship Replacement shipment
Commision Charged Reversed Charged
CollectionFee Charged – –
Fixed fee Charged Reversed Charged
Shipmentforwardfee Charged – Charged
ShipmentfeeReverse – Charged –
Note: GST applicable as per law





**bilionapp return order (quality & quantty).
bilionapp pays upfront to supplier before shipment of a order item. Suppliers is liable
Immidiate refund as calculated below.
Refund ammount = Setlement amount + Shipping fee + Collecton fee
Note: Vendor liable for reverse Shipment cost.
*Note: Above calculatons are near 100% accurate. These are approximate fgures only
and may vary as per the changes implemented by bilionapp in their marketplace fee structure.
**Packing: all Supplier do order item packing & schedule pickup ready intmaton.
Note: Packing material available online & supplier bye it.
**Reseller insentae: reseller upfront elligiable for 5% fat insentve on each order item. which
is subjected to change as applicable and subjected to revised without notce at bilionapp
discriaton, every month, last calender day.
**manueacture seller: is seller.


Term and conditon Applicable @