Fees seller

bilionapp’s Pricing structure:

Below is the breakup of Market Place fee’s, you may end up paying bilionapp as a seller

Setlement amount = Order item value – aarket place fee – GST on aarket place fee –
fxed fee – Shipping fee – Collecton fee

*Note: Above calculatons are near 100% accurate. These are approximate fgures only
and may vary as per the changes implemented by bilionapp in their marketplace fee structure.

*Commission Fee: This fee is charged for use of bilionapp e-marketplace platorm, it is some
of %percentage of item order value, which includes selling price and shipping charges paid by
customer. It exclued discount ofered by seller & Next-day-delivery(NDD)/Same-daydelivery(SDD)
. it will either be stated on your invoice as shipping charges or will be fgured.
Normal Delivery changes will aplicable. Commission not charged if customer or courier
retrun’s order. Note:Same charges rate for all suppliers. Example 11% for Footware

*Fixed Fee: bilionapp also charges a slab wise fxed fee which is also based on the order item
value. This fee is charged on each successful order sale on e-marketplace. Means for order not
returned or cancelled. This varies depending on Category , sub-category of the product
belongs to and order item value. *Note: Commission not charged if customer or courier
retrun’s order. Same charges rate applicable for all suppliers.


Order item Value Fixed Rate- Price
0 to 500 10
500 to 1000 20
1000 40


**Collecton Fee:  payment collecton fee charges for order placed on bilionapp e-platorm
marketplace. Selling price is equal ammount paid by customer including shipment charges, if
any paid by them. bilionapp charges a fee for Payment charges or Cash on Delivery charges
which is approximately around 2%. as a service or gateway charges


This applicable for all sellers.

Selling Price prepaid postpaid
0 to 700 2.00%
1000 > 2.00%


**Shipping Fee: bilionapp mandates delivery through their own logistcs partner. They
calculate the shipping fee on actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher.
“Volumetric Weight (kg) = L*B*H (Length x Breadth x Height)/5000 where LBH are in cm”


Units Measure Weight
CM/KG length*width*height/5000
Inches/Pounds length*width*height/139


**Below are the rates proaided by bilionapp which are exclusiae oe all taxes
The Below shipping rate for forward shipments is applicable for all the Sellers. There is 10%
and 20% discount on the forward shipping fee for Gold and Diamond Sellers respectvely.
**Shipping Zone’s
Local (Intracity): Item shipped within a city.
Zonal (Intrazone): Item shipped within the borders of a zone (North, South, East, West).
Natonal (Interzone): Item shipped across zones.

Weight Slab Local Zonal National
0.0kg – 0.5Kg (For every 0.5Kg ) 35 45 65
0.5kg – 3.0Kg (For every 0.5Kg ) 20 25 30
> 3.0Kg (For every 0.5Kg ) 5 7 10


Below is a sample illustration of pricing calculation by bilionapp.

ITEM Ammount(Rupees)
Selling Price(Decided by you) 1500
Commission Fee ( Varies across Categories/sub categories ) 150.00 ( @10% Asuming)
Shipping Fee ( Local shipping 500 Grams ) 35
Collection fee 2%( 2% Item order Value) 30
Fixed Fee 40
Total MarketPlace Fee 255
GST( 18% MarketPlace fee deducation) 45.9
Total Deductions 300
Settlement Ammount 1199.91


Shipping Fee (grow to pay less shipping charges).


Diamond Seller (every 500gram)

Weight Slab Local Zonal National
0.0 – 0.5Kg 28 36 52
0.5 – 3Kg 16 20 24
3Kg > 4 5.6 8


Gold Seller (every 500gram)

Weight Slab Local Zonal National
0.0 – 0.5Kg 31.5 40.5 58.5
0.5 – 3Kg 18 22.5 27
3Kg > 4.5 6.5 9


Silvar Seller (every 500gram)

Weight Slab Local Zonal National
0.0 – 0.5Kg 35 45 65
0.5 – 3Kg 37 47 67
3Kg > 39 49 69